About Antonia

As a child Antonia travelled widely with her family and developed a fascination with different cultures, wildlife and seashores. She loved collecting unusual leaves, stones and shells.

After university, and whilst working in journalism, Antonia took up jewellery making and design at St Martins. Her passion for jewellery led to a career change and to training as a gemmologist, completing the Diploma in Gemmology and the Gem Diamond Diploma at Gem-A with Distinction and the award of three international prizes. She now works in Hatton Gardens as a gemmologist, and her enthusiasm for gemstones and for jewellery making continues.

As her skills as a jeweller and designer developed, Antonia found herself taking inspiration from her love of nature and returning to the objects she had collected. Fossilised corals and shells found in places as far apart as a beach in Donegal and the Cayman Islands become moulds for rings and necklaces in which she mounts pearls and gems including aquamarine and moonstones; leaf moulds become earrings and pendants.

What started as a hobby has now progressed into a business and Antonia now sells her unique handmade pieces at jewellery parties and by commission.